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Coronavirus Deep Cleans For Offices, Schools, End Of Tenancy Cleans, Retailers, Hospitality & Hospitals.

With a new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging the global pandemic continues. This dangerous virus can present mild and severe symptoms that include fever and a cough that may progress to life-threatening pneumonia, causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. With the virus continuing to infect people, more and more firms are looking to protect their businesses.

Here at Aqua Commercial Services, we provide a reliable and efficient Decontamination cleaning service. In the event that you are faced with this harmful virus, it is paramount you carry out a sanitising and decontamination clean by an expert. Germs and bodily fluids can carry harmful viruses that can cause serious threats to your health. 

A safe sanitisation of the area and property is vital to eliminating the spread and exposure of the virus.

At Aqua Commercial Services, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and reputation. Our team of specialist decontamination technicians will quickly get to work disinfecting and sanitising the area. We use the most innovative products to ensure complete decontamination and reduce the risk of infection to others. As an approved cleaning organisation, we are one of the UK’s leading cleaning professionals, with many years of experience and knowledge between us. Our team of specialist’s technicians can safely provide an emergency decontamination service, ensuring your property is safe to operate.

Why Us?

  • Fully Vetted Cleaners.
  • Trained Staff.
  • Fair prices.
  • Decontamination of Viruses.
  • High standard of workmanship.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.


This specially formulated disinfectant is used to deodorise and sanitise a variety of areas. Aqua Commercial Services can remove stubborn odours and a wide spectrum of germs and viruses. It is vital that all premises are sanitised and decontaminated for a healthier environment. We kill germs responsible for colds, flu, staph infections including viruses found in COVID-19.


    • Destroys Viruses
    • Odour Removals.
    • Sanitise Difficult Areas.
    • Remains Active For Up To 7 Days After Use.
    • Eliminates & Kills Germs Found in Viruses.
    • Safe and User Friendly.

End of Tenancy Cleans & Decontamination, What Do They Include?

If you’re looking for bespoke end of tenancy cleaning solutions, look no further than Aqua Commercial Services. We supply bespoke end of tenancy cleaning solutions for those based in Surrey, We also strive to provide our services for clients based in Hampshire as well as across all surrounding areas.

In order to pass the final inspection of your property, it is important to do a thorough end of tenancy clean as per your tenancy agreement. Failure to do so may result in deductions being made from your deposit. To begin with, ensure any damages in the property are fixed or replaced as necessary, do not leave this to your landlord as the cost is likely to be significantly higher than you anticipated. After correcting all damages, the end of tenancy clean can commence, paying special attention to the following areas:


Ensure all the appliances are clean, including dishwasher filter, washing machine tray and rubber seal and all the shelves and trays in the fridge and freezer. Often appliances will need to be pulled out in order to clean the walls and floors beneath them. Commonly, most appliances will be dusty and/or greasy, requiring a wipe over from top to bottom. Empty all shelves and cupboards, wiping inside and out, ensuring that all surfaces are cleaned as per the inventory report.

Oven & Hob

Ovens accumulate thick layers of grease and food deposits and are extremely difficult to return to their original standard. The inventory clerk will be paying special attention to your oven and will be expecting the inside to sparkle as brightly as the front. The same care must be taken with the hob, switches, handles, racks, baking trays and all other surfaces.


Often the bathrooms are where the majority of oversights will be located, limescale deposits are very difficult to remove domestically without causing damage to the surface underneath, the inventory clerk will be expecting a spotless shower screen and all tiles, taps and sanitary-ware to be free of water marks or dirty marks. Ensure the plug holes are unobstructed and free of debris, and check that the water is able to run away smoothly.


All upholstery must look pristine, ensure all furniture is vacuumed and any stains are treated with the appropriate product. Be sure to check all wooden furniture for any scratches, dings and scuffs and repair as necessary.

What will our professional Surrey & Hampshire end of tenancy cleaners do for you?

The service we provide here at Aqua Commercial Services is for the tenant or landlord. Our trained cleaners come fully prepared with all their own cleaning equipment and chemicals, alongside the technical know-how and experience required to complete the job to a high standard.

What will you need to provide us?

  1. Access to the property.
  2. We will need a power supply for our vacuums, carpet cleaning machines and other specialist equipment.
  3. Hot running water.
  4. Fridge and freezer to be turned off and defrosted prior to our arrival.
  5. All personal items to be removed.

Whatever the problem, you can rely on Aqua Commercial Services to deliver outstanding results

So, if you’re looking for bespoke cleaning solutions in the areas of Surrey, as well as Hampshire and all surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us.